2023-10-22 22:11:12-04:00 - Pages that are often missing in used copies of Metagaming's Advanced Melee, Advanced Wizard, and In The Labyrinth

I never got to play The Fantasy Trip back in the day, and at some point a few years ago (this was before Steve Jackson Games' Legacy Edition was kickstarted) I got curious and bought used copies of Metagaming's Advanced Melee, Advanced Wizard, and In The Labyrinth. I was appalled to find that each book was MISSING some of the pages from the very center of the book. I figured that some of those pages probably contained megahexes (later confirmed) and the careless owners had pulled them out of the books instead of photocopying them. This immediately put me off reading them, which was probably NOT the right reaction. Sigh.

After I got Steve Jackson Games' Legacy Edition of The Fantasy Trip, I was interested in comparing the original TFT to the new TFT, so I went looking again. I eventually found copies of Advanced Melee and Advanced Wizard that were complete, but I have never found a copy of Metagaming's In the Labyrinth that was complete.

However, it turns out that only Advanced Melee has rules on the pages that usually go missing:

If you are not looking for copies of the original TFT, it's much easier to just buy Steve Jackson Games' In the Labyrinth, which contains the equivalent of all of these books. If I understand correctly, the paperback on sale as print-on-demand at Amazon has the errata fixed.

The Fantasy Trip: In the Labyrinth at Amazon